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The Story of Golden Rush

The Story of Golden Rush

Talking Tom Gold Rush is an application released on July 13th, 2021, and was released by Outfit. The developers of the application named it “Talking Tom” which is taken from the voice actor Tom Gold. Talk to Tom Gold Rush is a top-down browser game where you use your keyboard to run and jump to chase the thief. This fun game will really get you up and moving, jumping, and having an epic adrenaline rush within no time!

The story of the game is that your goal is to find out who stole your grandma’s car. It starts by showing Tom (you) playing on his very own computer, just like Tom and his friends used to play. As you can guess, things don’t go well. You are provided only a blank screen and a map to work with, so basically there is no way of telling what is going on. This is why you have been given the task of finding clues to solve the case.

What makes the game exciting though is the simple sound effects and the nice graphics. However, this does not stop the game from being a fun experience. Even the less exciting scenes are still fun to play because they add a sense of reality and make you think logically about the events. I personally prefer puzzle games, so I did enjoy this game a lot. It gets my blood pumping, too!

One scene starts with Tom, his dog, and his grandma having a conversation about gold. Tom tells his grandma that he needs some gold for a trip he is going on, but he does not tell her where he is going. In response, she tells him where he can go – the nearby forest. Tom then finds a mysterious golden gate blocking the path, but he is unable to open it using his flashlight. So, he uses his newly-found magical powers to get through it. But this only earns him a swift face punch from an angry gold statue.

To finish the game, you need to find clues and solve murders. The first scene of the game also features Tom, his dog, and his grandma having a conversation about money. And they are suddenly interrupted by a viciously barking dog. Tom runs away, but not before asking his grandma to give him some money for a ride home. The dog then follows after them, kills his dog, steals some gold from them, and then captures Tom.

Apparently, Tom was meant to get rich by finding the Golden Gate. In the game’s later chapters, Tom finds out that his real name is Jeffries, not Tom Gold Rush. So in other words, the game is about the mystery of who made Tom rich, not about how Tom got his money. The game was not really supposed to be called the Golden Rush, but considering the subject matter, it was probably named that way.

Despite its terrible graphics, the game still manages to keep most of its content interesting. Graphics are clearly a lower priority compared to gameplay, but it makes up for it in other ways. The storyline is captivating, and the game offers enough replay value to make you want to play the second section of the game again just to find out what happens with the heroine in the second section. It also has some excellent sound effects, which are a definite plus.

However, the game is not worth playing just for its graphics alone. It lacks any real replay value, is very short (it doesn’t even have a true ending), and generally just lacks quality. If you’re looking for a fun time running around and trying to shoot zombies with your gun, then this game is not worth your time. However, if you’re looking for a cool storyline, great concept, excellent graphics, and top-notch audio effects, then Golden Rush: The Game may be just what you’re looking for!

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