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Jetpack Joyride Game Review

Jetpack Joyride Game Review

Jetpack Joyride – the high-flying challenging arcade game! Feel the thrill as you soar through the sky with your trusty helicopter and blast all the bad guys who have gotten a hold of your helicopter. The game is very exciting and has a nice storyline too. Play Jetpack Joyride, the top online PC Arcade game now! Enjoy the adrenaline rush in this thrilling game. Enjoy the amazing graphics that are sure to keep you on the edge.

Jetpack Joyride PC App for IOS. Now play Jetpack Joyride anywhere ios mobile games store. Play while you continue your mission, no batteries are required, no mobile phone data is needed. The newest MEmu 7.0 is the perfect choice for playing Jetpack Joyride on IOS. It has been designed especially to be compatible with the Apple IOS platform.

Jetpack Joyride is not only for professional runners but also for amateurs who would like to try the exciting game. This game is suitable for both young and old, it is perfect for those who don’t have much time to indulge in activities such as gaming and exercising. If you love the idea of going through a stunt with a great view then jetpack joyride 2 is what you are looking for. This game is an extension of the first game and is set in an airfield. A passenger has to get through different obstacles to win the game.

The controls of the second version of the popular arcade game Jetpack Joyride are really simple and straightforward. You just need to tap on any one of the green icons to boost your character’s level up. There are two types of stages in the game; Skate and Freestyle. For the skater, there are three levels to master. For the freeride fans, there are seven stages in total.

Jetpack Joyride contains all the popular features that made the original hit the number one download chart-topping game. There are seven jetpacks to choose from including the “Dare Devil”, “Wrecking Balcony”, “Big Bad Wolf”, “Bugs Bunny”, “Chase Team Races” and “Gunslinger”. These setbacks contain special events that help you complete each level of the game. Some of these include “Head Hunter”,” Canyon Chase” and” Canyon Thunder”, which are included in the Android version. The iPhone version also has these games included in it.

In the iPhone and Android versions of jetpack joyride, you can choose from eight different themes. These are “Blue with Gold”,” Flames”,” Freestyle”,” Neonatal”,” Power Rides” and “Zoo Safari”. As you play the game, you earn points and also collect gold coins. When you have earned a certain amount of gold, you can buy new setbacks from the store or by unlocking them through the various achievements.

Another difference between the mobile version and the online version is that in the latter, you don’t get to purchase power-ups for your jets. These power-ups can only be acquired by unlocking more advanced levels of the game. You earn coins by winning matches and also accumulate them through doing various activities such as collecting crates. These coins are then used to purchase new power-ups for your jetpack joyride.

The iPhone and Android versions of the Jetpack Joyride are not as challenging as the online game, though they can be fun to play and use. You earn money by winning matches and also accumulate coins. The coins you earn can be used for purchasing new upgrades for your jetpack including increasing its speed, changing its color or even turning it into a bomb. The online version has a time limit while the iPhone and Android versions do not and this makes it more enjoyable to play.

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