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How to Play Ball Blast

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How to Play Ball Blast

Ball Blast is basically a mix between a puzzle & arcade shooter. It is all about shooting balls at various objects and knocking them into smaller pieces. However, while it may seem simple to start with, there are a lot of handy tips and techniques that will put you in pole position for the best scores. Read on to find out more.

There is actually no need to download the app to play this game as it is available from the iPhone App Store. To play, just tap on the game icon located at the bottom right corner of the main screen. A game screen will then appear. If you’re on an iPhone 4, select “Free”. Otherwise, select “downloaded games” from the app store.

Once you have launched the game, select the game options. You can select the difficulty you want for the game. I recommend that you play ball blast on easily because if you get stuck at any part, you can always return to the app home screen to continue your adventure. If you want, select the various game types available in the game. Some of these include puzzles, action, achievers, and arcades. The latter allows you to select various game levels as well as unlock various items as you advance in the game.

When you play ball blast, you’ll notice that there is a large screen displaying all the different stages available in the game. Each stage features its own assortment of balloons which must be shot at various points on the screen to score points. Different levels require you to use different strategies depending on the location of the balloons. The game also offers a powerful boss battle, which you can encounter after mastering one particular stage.

In order to play the game, first tap on the start button located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, tap on the select button in order to filter your selection of balls that you wish to play. Last, choose a game from the list of apps in the main menu and begin the fun and exciting gaming. As you play, you will earn points that will help you buy the newest balls and power-ups in the game.

Unlike the usual games where the goal is to eliminate all enemies, Ball Blast has you earn money instead. It is possible to buy coins that can be used for power-ups and purchase more balloons in the marketplace. If you collect enough coins, you can also unlock new balls to use in future games. Collecting the right number of coins and the right kind of balloons will increase your score.

The controls for the game are simple and straightforward. You will move the cursor with the left and right arrows while tapping on the screen. If you need to stop shooting, just hold down the shift key while selecting an arrow. To refill your shot, hold down the refill key while aiming at the target. For more advanced levels, there is a power-up called the Supernova. These power-ups give the ball blast timer, defense power-ups, and even allows you to purchase more balloons and shoot farther.

In the earlier versions of the game, you had to wait a long time before your shot would go off. This was because the game was designed to calculate the angle and speed of the explosion and determine where to shoot. With the upgrade, you have the chance to hit more targets without waiting. The defense power-ups will protect you from enemy attacks as well as score more points. You can find more information about the different upgrades and weapons on the Invensense site.

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