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Health Insurance For Students in Germany

Health Insurance For Students in Germany

Are you a New York student considering studying abroad? You must have realized that there are many costs involved when studying outside your country. The cost of living is much higher than here and you will also incur huge medical expenses when getting treatment from the hospital or any professional. Student health insurance in Germany is one of the best options available to student visitors or students here permanently. Why do we need insurance in our life?

There are several reasons why we need health insurance in our life. We can’t predict what may happen to us. A heart attack or any other serious illness may turn out to be fatal at a later date. Hence, we should have insurance. Students from Germany studying abroad can avail of the public health insurance schemes available in New York City which are greatly beneficial for them. Many students are fortunate enough to get subsidized health insurance here.

However, as a student, it is difficult for you to secure health insurance because of the lack of an establishment in New York where you can get a job as a medical doctor. Many foreign students who want to avail of New York state health insurance need to work in the U.S. and thus cannot acquire health insurance here. Such people should opt for the student health insurance in Germany which provides medical cover as well as accommodation and tuition fee in any of the more than 30 medical colleges located across the state. It is completely free of cost and you don’t need to give a loan for it.

The student Health Insurance in Germany is different from the medical insurances in the U.S. only in that here the students are covered not only for the ordinary medical expenses but also those unexpected medical emergencies like blindness, brain injury or paralysis. It also covers the costs of hearing aids and physiotherapy. A student Health Insurance in Germany is thus a one-size-fits all policy covering all medical expenses. It ensures that you are sufficiently covered no matter what happens.

Medical Insurance in Germany may not be as expensive as in the U.S. because here the hospitals and doctors are fully equipped. However, this is not the case everywhere in Germany. Students have a special policy that covers only their medical expenses while they are studying in Germany and does not include other types of insurance once they are done with their studies. Therefore, it is important that you discuss the plan with your advisor so that you get the best deal in the market.

Student health insurance in Germany is quite cheap and can be purchased by the student individually. Most companies offer the insurance on the basis of the monthly income of the student. However, if you have family in Germany, you can opt for an individual health insurance policy and get a family package for yourself as well as for your family. The packages cover everything ranging from hospitalization to dental care and are quite useful when you are in Germany for your studies.

To get health insurance in Germany for students, you can apply online by filling up an application form. It is important to mention your gender, name of your parents and your academic year in school. If you are a part of a host family, mention your host family’s name also. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a health insurance card with all the relevant details such as your name and address, your insurer, your doctor’s contact number and the amount of cover that you want. You can use the card for making appointments, purchasing medicine online or for any other purpose.

When looking for health insurance in Germany, do not fall for the false promises by agents and companies who try to sell health schemes. A student health cover is different from a normal health insurance plan and there are some things you need to remember before purchasing one. If you are unable to pay for your premium right away, don’t get worried because most student health plans cover the first few months of health insurance. Students who are unable to afford this kind of plan should look into student health refills that can be bought from any pharmacy or any drug store in Germany.

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