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Health Insurance For the German Unemployed

Health Insurance For the German Unemployed

Getting an insurance in Germany may be a problem for the Euro Germans. But why do we need it? It is true that health care is very expensive in Germany, but we cannot deny its importance in our life. That’s why we should get an insurance for ourselves to be able to get the best medical care possible.

There are many reasons why we should have an insurance in Germany. If you get sick and need to be treated in a German hospital, then there is no doubt that you will get your money’s worth. It’s also the law in Germany. And it is very easy to apply for an insurance in Germany. But, do we have a right to get an insurance in Germany?

We all know that in Germany, people who work and take part in social security schemes get free health insurance. They can choose to get this from work or social security, or they can opt to get it as a private policy, which is not allowed in Germany. So, if you are unemployed then you will have to go for an option which is not allowed by the social security system. In other words, we can say that the Germans give us a bad deal when it comes to health insurance.

What if I am unemployed? Do I still get health insurance? No! You will get it as an individual policy only. As for those who work and take part in social security schemes, then they get insured through their companies’ policies, which are more affordable than the private ones.

How can I get an insurance in Germany? The best way is to look for an agent who will help you with your search. An agent will tell you the best deals. You must decide which plan is the best for you. Also, your insurance premium will depend on your age, health and the number of children.

How do I pay for my premium? Usually the payment is made in installments. However, if you have an accident, then you will get your money back instantly. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your next payday. You can choose to pay your premiums every month, quarterly or annually.

Where can I get an insurance in Germany? Go to your state’s insurance agency and ask them for a list of companies that give health plans. Then, check the internet to find out more about the various plans available in the market. In general, the private sector is better than the public ones because they have better negotiation power. Also, they provide more choices to the customers.

Why should I get health insurance in Germany as an unemployed person? If you are young and healthy then you will never miss any hospitalization. You will never miss any regular treatment either. You will always stay at the best of health. And if you are unemployed then this is probably the best insurance cover you could get.

I am retired and I want to stay that way. How can I do so? Just follow the prescribed procedures. You must fill up a form that will be forwarded to your insurer. Once this is done, you will get a certificate stating that you have received the benefit.

Can I get the same insurance for my spouse? Yes, even if you are a retired person you can still get the same insurance cover. This is because the policy covers both the husband and wife. However, the premium charges will be different based on the marital status.

What are the terms and conditions of the insurance? Usually, the coverage is for a fixed period of time. You can renew it or terminate it. However, there are some cases where the premium does not increase.

I am retired but I still work. Do I still get the health insurance? Yes, absolutely you get it. The reason is that if the employer does not provide it, you will get it from the insurance company.

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