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All You Need to Know About Island War Strategy Games

All You Need to Know About Island War Strategy Games

Island War is basically a multiplayer browser game in which you attack the islands of others and capture them for your own team. In the game of Island War, you can either drop your boats from the air or land on the beaches of your opponent. The objective of the game is not only to win the game but also to become the top player. So, how do you rank up?

The first thing you have to do in Island War is to choose a controllable island and build your troops. Once your troops are ready, the island war will begin. During the battle, you should not lose your men and should concentrate all efforts to kill the enemy soldiers as well as to protect yourself from their weapons fire. What’s more important is to know your opponent’s defense. This defense includes powerful walls and troops.

As soon as you have created your Island War game guide, start with the basics – creating your island. Select a location that is situated on high ground and facing an ocean or any such body of water. The selected location must have plenty of trees in order to provide cover to your troops while they advance on your Island War site. Choose the Troop Tier List that is according to your requirements. It should also consist of a sufficient supply line.

If you are a beginner in the Island War game mechanics, do not worry. You can start with just having one troop and two guns to protect your Island. It will be enough during the initial days. However, as you progress, you will notice that you are receiving several medals every time you play and this leads to multiple trophies.

In addition, you must ensure that your Island War Game Guide provides information about island attacks and their various phases. This means that it should provide comprehensive details on how to attack enemy troops, how to defend them from attacks, and how to obtain the winning edge for your side. In addition, the attack phase is characterized by troops landing on the Island. It is done using troop bunkers and troop transports. Once the assault has been completed, your remaining troops should then fend off any waves of attackers.

Once you have ensured the security of your Island War Game Guide, it is time to secure the city halls. It will be better if you surround the island with multiple troops and buildings. This will make it impossible for the attackers to enter your Island. Once your City Hall is secured, you can then start with the real objectives of the game – attacking enemy headquarters and destroying their structures.

Now, the last step is collecting all the medals and awards that you have earned during the course of the game. medals can be collected by playing mini-games and the award achievements can be acquired by completing several of the story missions and military operations. Island War guides also reveal a special item called the Island War Scratch Card. This scratch card enables you to scratch an image on the screen and places it as a Trophies. However, before you can use this special item, you need to purchase the Island War Strategy Guide first.

As you can see, playing the island war strategy games is not difficult at all. In fact, it is quite enjoyable and exciting. If you are a keen follower of military strategy games, you will certainly find this one to be more interesting and challenging than others. By playing with multiple players over the Internet or against the computer in single-player modes, you can earn enough coins to buy weapons and other upgrades for your troops. Moreover, your soldiers will also learn new tactics and strategies by engaging in friendly fights against the enemy.

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